WPS: How to create a transform (.MST files)

On the Snapshot PC

-Logon as Local Administrator

-Launch WPS

-Click Tools tab

-Launch InstallTailor

Browse to the MSI package that you want to create the transform for

-Click Next

-It now launches the MSI

NOTE: You are not really installing the application even thought you are going through all the motions. It is recording what you choosing for defaults.

-Follow the menus to install the application until the end

-Capture complete: click Ok

-Check the Edit this transform file using Windows Installer Editor box

-Click Finish

-You are now inside the Windows Installer Editor tool

-Make the changes that you require and click Compile

-Transform Details: Don’t select anything (unless you know better) and click OK.

-The MST file is created in the same folder as the MSI.

NOTE: for InstallTailor to work, the MSI package must NOT already be installed on the machine.

Note: Once you have the MST file created, you can use the Windows Installer Editor to make more changes to the MST at a later time.